SIMI Investment Corporation & Companies focus on

 We are investing in potential companies, potential projects in Vietnam. Money provided by investors to startup firms and small businesses with perceived long-term growth potential. This is a very important source of funding for startups that do not have access to capital markets.

Distribution alot of potential products as Trim Ion water Japan, Miwa Lock Japan, Lomvum, SNDWay, DOG V-BELT, Pinhole Glasses, Steel Rebar Coupler, Rebar Thread Rolling Machine, … We are also providing China Taobao, Alibaba ordering service. We are one of the most prestigious supplier for hundreds of government agencies, universities and schools in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

 We are doing a lot of profit and non-profit e-Commerce projects in Vietnam as: 10kMua.com, NhaphangTrungQuoc.com, Azorder.vn, Xemnha.vn, bebibo.com, kinhtapmat.com, cnporder.com, Ting.vn, nguonmay.com, Simito.vn, icsc.vn,… Vietnam e-Commerce Forum is a non-profit forum was established with the desire to promote the development of e-commerce community in Vietnam.

SIMI Investment Corp. & members of group have executed many infrastructure, transportation and civil works such as bridges, roads, highways, railways, systems of riverport, seaports, airports, land tunnel,… all over the country of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, especially in Northern area and in Hanoi city, Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang, Can Tho, Long An, Binh Dinh,…

About us

Here you have a few details about us. We design & develop quality products and services to bring the true values to you.

Our mission is to empower every customers and every partners to achieve more.

We believe in what people make possible

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. We are committed to developing and growing employees at all levels in order to drive business results. We use our Performance Management and Talent Management practices to allow us to identify future leaders and prepare them for challenging roles. These practices include succession planning, extensive learning and development opportunities, robust feedback processes, and ongoing engagement by managers at all levels. We want to ensure we have the best people in every role.

Our Culture

At the heart of our success is the SIMI Investment Corp.® culture. We provide our associates with a dynamic environment combined with two key values: Excellence and Do the Right Thing. We take pride in encouraging our associates to think independently in a collaborative setting and to present creative ideas to senior management. It’s this type of innovative thinking that is a major part of our corporate growth as well as the overall success of SIMI Corp.

Our Partners

Our partners expect great value and convenience every time they transact with SIMI Corp. on any product, anytime, anywhere. We are committed to delivering a convenient experience that meets our partners’ high expectations.

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Our partners’ testimonials

SIMI Investment Corp. is our third financial adviser, and a huge improvement on the others in terms of advice and commitment. He is pro-active where the others were not, and has made us focus on our plans for retirement – a huge achievement! He intends to make his business grow here in the Borders, rather than re-locate to the city, and that makes his company additionally attractive to us.

Harry & Senga GriffithsFinancial Director of H.G. Design

I have participated in many of SIMI’s Partnering Sessions over the years. SIMI Corp. & companies bring considerable professional knowledge and experience in construction and partnering, and thier Partnering Sessions are well organized, prepared and customized as required for each project. They includes all administrative and venue arrangements which is very helpful. SIMI’s Partnering Sessions go a long ways in the successful delivery of our major, complex projects.

Mr. Hoang Minh NamConstruction Manager, CIENCO GROUP

This was the best China Taobao Alibaba ordering service ever. All of the items were in perfect condition, Azorder.vn agents are extremely nice and very professional, shipping time was extremely fast with no issues, and value for entire service is very reasonable. Will be shopping again in less than one month. Thank you!

Ms. Ly Ngoc TrinhDirector of Vietnam Automation Corp.

Some of our partners

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About us

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Villa 01, Do Duc Duc st, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi city, Vietnam
Floor 10th, Song Da 7 Building, Nguyen Chanh st, Cau Giay, Hanoi city, Vietnam
No. 66, lane 02, Zhejiang st, Dongxing city, Guangxi, China           
mail : [email protected]            
phone : 090-444-2747           
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M – S : 8 AM – 6 PM